“Manifesting the blessing of God”

He said,”I want to talk with you about the woman who has been unable to get married. She says she wants to get married. She says she has faith for a husband. But if she wants to get married, then why does she dress and present herself like a nun who wants to join a convent?

Instantly, I saw what he was referring to. In the recent and previous time when I saw this woman while ministering at her home church, she always look disheveled. Her unkempt level of dressing actually made her appear much older, like that of an old maid. Then the Lord said, “She says she has faith to get married, but how come she never wears beautiful perfume? “

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1 thought on ““Manifesting the blessing of God”

  1. Great post!
    Faith in action helps to bring desires to fruition.. 🙂


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